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More Africa

More Africa

More Africa is a non-governmental organization (NGO) on Zanzibar which focuses on children and young adults with physical and/or mental disabilities 9월달력 다운로드. The special school provides special education, physical therapy, medical help, training and daycare to children who aren’t allowed anywhere else because of their disability 다운로드.


More Africa is a NGO founded in 2015 by the Dutch Ellen van Beers.
The main aim of More Africa is the special school, in order to provide every child the right to education, therapy and/or meaningful daytime activities 구글 이미지 검색. On Zanzibar, education, counseling or therapy for children/young adults with disabilities are not obvious. Parents often struggle with the fact that they want the best for their child, but the child cannot go anywhere and will not be accepted at regular schools Bootsect exe download.
For these children, More Africa is there. We provide customized education, counseling and therapy.


The More Africa school offers a nursery, primary and physical therapy department 다운로드. Besides, More Africa offers job opportunities for young adults with disabilities from the age of 16 and older. In this way we strive to increase positive impacts of tourism and decrease the negative sides of tourism, by focussing on community based tourism 다운로드.
The More Africa school offers these children and young adults the opportunity to develop themselves in a familiar and safe environment, as More Africa works with individual careplans and all children have their own personal goals they would like to achieve rc mania 프로그램.
More Africa is a progressive organization on Zanzibar when it comes to involving parents in the development, guidance and support of their child spring s3 파일. More Africa is convinced that it is essential to involve parents in the development of the child. In this way parents can continue the development at home, in the familiar surroundings 배니쉬드.


More Africa supports children and young adults with special needs in their development through physical therapy, training, special education and daycare 다운로드.
More Africa works with three departments:
1. Nursery
This group consists toddlers and children with major development delays. We prepare them for the primary school by teaching them basic scholar and social skills.
2. Primary school
This group consists of children who are not allowed in Zanzibar to go to a government school due to their disabilities
3. Children with multiple disabilities
This group consists of children with multiple disabilities. We offer these children especially physical therapy and daycare through sensory stimulation. These children often have Cerebral Palsy.
4. 16+ young adults
This group consists of 16+ youth with disabilities who work within our Guesthouse

Guided tours

More Africa is open 5 days a week, from tuesday to saturday. We offer guided tours through our premises. We try to make our guest aware of sustainable and community based tourism, we will tell you about our school, objectives and goals. Please make a reservation before coming, because we don’t always have the possibility to give tours.
Our tour is always in combination with a standard high tea. We will charge USD20 p.p.


16 December 2019 – 1 February 2020 (Christmas/Newyear Break)
1 May 2020 – 31 May 2020 (Rainseason/Ramadan Break)

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